April 11, 2006

Put a little bit of Euchre in your heart...

Yesterday, Stephen Elliott posted a dark story by Susan Steinberg called "The Euchre Report," and it all made me think...

"At one point Dave was sitting a few feet from the table, watching our game. Then he started telling us some pretty bleak stories about his junior high years. Something about a dark hallway. A locker. A switchblade. And it got really serious And then we got to talking about 9/11. And then we all put down our cards for a minute. We stared at the table. And Nick Drake was playing. And it was raining. And Jesus."

And Jesus. This one goes out to everybody in my Euchre crew at the University of Michigan and to everybody in my Euchre crew in Guatemala. God bless you and the stupid card game that kept us together.


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