January 16, 2007

We Move, We Move

This site has moved to jasonboog.com.

Click here to see Jason Boog's resume.

No more monkeying around with sprawling web addresses. This URL is short and sweet.

Go check out the new site every Tuesday for new, improved content and spiffy spaceship graphics.

December 14, 2006

Now Hear This

The Black and White reading is coming back. If you are in New York, come out and tell a story.

I just finished interviewing Chris Eaton, the novelist and lead singer for Rock Plaza Central. He just wrote a whole album about mechanical horses that don't know they are mechanical horses. You will be singing these songs in the shower. Dig it...

November 18, 2006

Playing Guns

Where have I been?

Where have YOU been?

I interviewed novelist and spoken word storyteller Heather O'Neill over at The Publishing Spot.

My buddy Steve passes along this wonderful, wonderful video clip.

That is all...

October 30, 2006

A Video Poem For My Brother Jeff

My brother Jeff had a rough month, but he's getting better. I wish I could give him a hug, but here I am, hundreds of miles away.

Last night at Black and White, the best storytelling reading in New York City, the whole bar chimed in to send Jeff a very special get-well video.

October 14, 2006

O Geeze

Next week I'll be reading (and singing) a short selection straight from my Beatnik-imitating, adverb-abusing, woozy high school diaries. If you are in New York City and want to meet some great web writers, come check it out:

"Every month The WYSIWYG TALENT SHOW brings you readings and performances from some of the blogosphere's best and funniest writers, musicians, comedians and performance artists. And every month Cringe brings readings of teenage diaries, journals, notes, letters, poems, abandoned rock operas, and other general representations of the crushing misery of their humiliating adolescence. Together, they fight crime! Okay, not really,
but it WILL be funny.

"The WYSIWYG Talent Show's "CringeyWYG" performs Wednesday, October 18 at
Bowery Poetry Club (308 Bowery between Bleecker and Houston). Doors open at 7:30 p.m., show at 8 p.m. Tickets are $7 at the door.

"With performances by:
* Sarah Brown (http://queserasera.org)
* Lindsay Robertson (http://lindsayism.com)
* Marc Balgavy (http://balgavy.com/blog)
* Joshua Newman (http://www.self-aggrandizement.com )
* Jason Boog http://thepublishingspot.com )
* Chris Hampton (http://uffish.com)"

October 04, 2006


This week I'm interviewing former Peace Corps volunteer and novelist Tony D'Souza over at The Publishing Spot. We talk about everything from MFA's to his piece in the New Yorker. Dig it.

September 27, 2006

No Seriously, I'm Bad

I know, I know, this blog has grown useless lately.

But you can read me every day at The Publishing Spot and Judicial Reports.

And no matter what you say, I have a brand spanking new Flickr Account.

So don't hit me!

September 06, 2006

I'm Bad

I have been a very bad post-er lately. Here's what I was doing while I was gone:

Interviewing Christa Faust and Snakes on a Plane!

Making a new Flickr account!

Watching cheesy movies!

July 25, 2006

The Great Hardboiled Radio Show List

After finishing my videoblogged interview with pulp fiction lover Paul Malmont, I went looking for hardboiled radio recordings-- chasing the shows that took pulp fiction to the airwaves.

I posed the question over at Rara-Avis, the best hardboiled group on the web. They sent back over twenty responses, but there were four clear favorites.
For your weekend pleasure, I put together a list with links to free recordings of each show, building (at ThePublishingSpot) The Great Hardboiled Radio Show List, Beta:

1- The outrageous, jumbled metaphors and pulpy soundtrack of Pat Novak, For Hire.

2- The impeccable cool of Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator.

3- The cynical insurance P.I. who always gets mixed up in murder, Jeff Regan, Investigator.

4- The violent, dark adventures on Gunsmoke.

list member Dick Lochte mailed in a much longer list, full of great shows to check out...

Richard Diamond, Private Detective was pretty hardboiled. The Third Man: The Lives of Harry Lime, with Orson Welles in adventures that took place before the character was bumped off by his pal, is arguably hardboiled. As are shows with Alan Ladd (Box 13), Bogart and Bacall (Bold Venture), Edward G. Robinson (Big Town), Jeff Chandler (Michael Shayne)."

July 11, 2006

A Hardboiled-er Interview

I'm getting better at this, I promise...