March 25, 2006

Surfboards, Whining, and Ben Domenech

I'm back with some breaking news, riding the crest of the Internet news wave on the Jason Boog Show Longboard. Get this: Ben Domenech resigned over at Washington Post! You heard it here first! Pow!

My other blogging gig, my day job, and the whole web pressure to publish publish publish has delayed my Chinese Gangster Story. In the meantime, check out what I wrote about this Evil Blogging Inspired Production Schedule that might be our doom...

"Right now, the only successful writers are the ones who produce manic quantities of opinionated posts on the web. Our profession is in trouble. What if the ruined print industry actually produced blogging hacks like Domenech, handcuffing them to pulp fiction production schedules? I'm scared that ten years from now, thousands of frenzied writers will be publishing millions of disposable blog posts, all of us earning Depression-era salaries.

Before we spend another ounce of energy debating
The Fall of Ben Domenech, we should look at the work culture that produced him."


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