February 23, 2006

Joey Ramone Place

A couple of years ago, I met Arturo Vega, the longtime collaborator and artist for the punk rock superheroes, the Ramones. Now, Arturo runs Ramones World on the Internet, makes art, and climbs mountains. One of my happiest New York memories was back in 2003 when Arturo invited me over to his house for a party in Joey Ramone's honor. I just finished an audio story about that funny day, and posted the whole thing at Travel Goat...

"One chilly day in November 2003, the city of New York changed the street sign on the corner of Bowery and Second Street to read "Joey Ramone Place." For the first time in New York City history, the government actually acknowledged that punk music (and it's shaggy-haired frontman, Joey) actually mattered. I was there..."

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