February 06, 2006

There is nothing to see here...

What are you doing here? There is nothing to see here.

Go to The Publishing Spot and read this two-day interview with my writing hero, Jeff VanderMeer. It's much more interesting than anything I have to offer, I promise.

What did I tell you? What are you still doing here? Aggggghhhhh.

While the blogging action has been plenty time-consuming lately, I've been repeatedly shut down in my recent attempts to publish journalism. After a weekend of obsessive contemplation over this problem, I hereby declare this week "Jason Boog Is Going To Publish Whether You Like It or Not Week."

Let's open with a raving podcast meditation on zombies, the 2004 election, and Times Square, a story that no one would publish and has only been heard by eight people in the whole world, until now.

Dig it...

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