January 15, 2006

Paul Auster and Me

There are three main reasons why I’ve obsessed over the novels of Paul Auster for the last ten years: he blends the twisty genius of Borges with the American novel, he wrote the Definitive Literary Private Detective Novel, and finally, his stories make me feel like the two of us are sitting in a coffee shop and hashing out the universe.

In honor of Paul Auster’s new book, The Brooklyn Follies, I just published a short audio story about one snowy weekend when I heard him read an entire novel out loud. Check out this link at Travel Goat, the New York City audio story archive.

“In the middle of the worst snowstorm all year, I huddled in the Paula Cooper Gallery with 150 other people and listened while Paul Auster read his entire novel Oracle Night out loud in a two-day, ten- hour marathon.

Paul Auster can convince you that anything is true, just like a good writer or cult leader. All his books all involve obsessive characters trapped in elaborate story-mazes—earning him the kind of crazy devotees like me that trudge through snowstorms for two-day readings.”

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At 6:56 PM, Anonymous nuncium said...

It is very,very, nice information that you posted. It is not everyday thing that some writer reads entire novel out loud in public,
But I don't understand from where comes that nead to make idols from people with just a little bit more creative energy.

Auster is very good writer, my favorite.
But come on, why people always need Elvis Prisley around?

At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your story! and Paul Auster, and I think it's good to have heroes (not idols -but heroes around)

At 6:04 PM, Blogger Isabella said...

Great story! I often find the stories about — surrounding — the books are as interesting as those inside the books.


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