January 24, 2006

Release Me

It's been a funny week. As part of my new relationship with Know More Media, I have this crazy flash ad blinking "The Jason Boog Show" over and over on The Publishing Spot. Then, today, they published My Very First Press Release. Writing is such a funny business. I need readers to survive, and I am so grateful that more people are coming to visit. If you stick with me, I promise to take you to good places.

That said, all these bells and whistles make me anxious. I'm obsessing over existential dilemmas (Did I really exist before the words "Jason Boog" were repeated over and over on a flash ad?), authenticity issues (What if my hardcore street-credibility fizzles under the pressure of a flash ad?), and inferiority complexes (What makes my writing more worthwhile than any other writer with a flash ad?)

Just before sell-out anxiety overwhelmed me, one of my favorite blogs, The Comics Curmudgeon, tipped me off to this life-altering comics feature at The Houston Chronicle--free, customizable, syndicated comics pages! No matter what sort of postmodern crisis all this PR spree may bring, at least I have two pages of nostalgia-evoking goodness that I can read every day...


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