June 08, 2006

Kingdom of Cool

Dig this YouTubed version of part of my WYSIWYG Talent Show story...


At 10:07 PM, Blogger marsha said...

right on. i feel your pain and know your joy.

At 1:36 AM, Blogger 'Nise said...

It's krazy because I'm Pete Castor's girlfriend and I was not at said sauna party (although I have enjoyed others and we were not dating at the time -- just great friends). I'm also pretty sure that the "hot girls" Jason is so poetically referring to are, in part, my bestest friends in the whole entire universe--forever! Jason also does a portion of this soliloquy about his glasses which made me laugh out loud -- alone. Pete Castor also wears glasses and I like to use a voice similar to that of Milhouse on The Simpsons=>"myy gLAasses"<= when he loses his glasses or complains or whatever -- it's "good times." Whiney, yet funny. I've yet to watch this entendre with 'the Petie' so it will be interesting. By the by, Jason is not the nerdo he attempts to display himself as. He just didn't play Football...and I forgive him. =)

Denise Elliott


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