May 09, 2006

Mixer-Uppers and Mixed-Uppers

This week I asked Nick Mamatas (the H.P. Lovecraft and Jack Kerouac mixer-upper) to recommend a couple foundational literary horror writers. He gave me enough links to play with all week:

"Hmm, probably just from reading widely and avoiding Stephen King's books until later in life.
Once you pull him and his peculiar mix of supernaturalist soap opera and thriller out of horror, you have a lot of underdeveloped strands to play with: Lovecraft, satirical horror a la Ira Levin, Fitz Leiber's uncanny urbanism, Robert Aickman's "strange stories", Shirley Jackson's domestic viciousness, etc."

And speaking of shriveled horrors...

Long before
David Blaine pulled his mid-town Manhattan stunt, I did a bit of guerilla storytelling in that part of town.


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