December 21, 2005

Travel Goat, Dude

Like that time when Jack Kerouac took up a collection to buy cheap wine and everybody sat around listening to poems read by unknown beatniks, this is your chance to plunk down beside a Really Good Idea.

This is Travel Goat-, the technology that our hip kids will use navigate cities in the brave and stirring future. Despite the fact that I am one of the featured writer-types on the site, I do think it’s a pretty sweet idea—it’s a set of Metropolitan Museum of Art headphones for reality.

You can download these stories on your IPod and wander around New York City listening to me (or somebody like me) rambling on about the places that you visit. If that doesn’t work, you can sit at your computer and listen to me so you don't have to do all the exploring yourself. I don't care what you do with it, as long as you listen. Then, you can call me a self-promoting rat and add your own stories.

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