November 22, 2005

TV, Internet and You!

Like a snowball rolling down a profits graph, a series of big-name Internet and television deals generated lots of buzz this month. Even though my TV is run through rabbit-ears, I wrote a story about it for

November 2005 may have been the month when the major broadcast networks finally "got" the Internet.
On November 7th, both CBS and NBC cut deals with digital television providers to allow viewers to buy 99-cent downloads of a few popular shows.
Later that week, CNN rolled out a "final beta" of CNN Pipeline, its streaming media service that delivers unique content via the Web.
Meanwhile, ISP-cum-portal AOL began offering a range of television shows in a digital format on the Web, while Tivo incorporated Yahoo's interactivity with its cable-box service.
But what do all these Internet/TV deals really mean? If 2005 was the year that TV finally "got" the Internet, what will 2006 bring? forged through the snowy speculation with a team of Web experts and emerged with a few ideas about what television will look like next year.

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