November 28, 2005

Space People

Driving home from Christmas parties when I was a kid, I'd always stare out the back window of my parents' station wagon, and for a couple years, I could almost see Santa Claus flying around in the cold midnight sky, instead of airplanes or blinking radio tower lights. A few years later, I'd lie in the grass in summer hoping that aliens would whoosh me up to that wonderful sky.

Now, I'm posting this Scientology link from the Washington Post and hoping that time travelers, Scientologists, or space people come track me down. I'm not linking to this because of conspiracy theories or skepticism or any sort of belief at all about Scientology. No, I'm writing out of that nagging feeling in every blogger or writer or conspiracy theory believer's brain--the hope that somebody notices. I'm doing it in the hope that somebody notices and the good old-fashioned sense of wonder at what will happen when they do notice....

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