December 01, 2005

From Cinderella to in less than ten seconds

I just moved out of my apartment, but I slept in empty room one more time last night. Then, I woke up way too early to move my bed and mop the floor for the new guy. In classic Jason Boog form, I forgot to save some scrubby clothes at home when I moved last night, and at the same time, brilliantly decided to wear the smart-looking tan pants that I bought yesterday to work. So, a half hour before work, I ended up mopping and scrubbing my old apartment floor in my boxer shorts...

Then, I got to work and read this story by Stephen Bryant, my editor and friend at, about the future of journalism. I was so excited that I managed to spill coffee on my pants while reading, completely negating all my efforts to protect my new pants. See what I'm talking about:

"Another new media venture called Newsvine is also coming online in a few months. (Hmm, a coincidence of timing, Mr. Newmark?) According to founder Mike Davidson, Newsvine will combine feeds from the Associated Press and ESPN with reader blogs, comments and stories. Readers will vote on the most interesting stories, thereby promoting or demoting them within the site.

'I think traditional journalists, writers, they spend a week, two weeks, a month, however long they work on an article, and they publish it and that's it. An article's life sort of ends when it's published,' Davidson told me in a phone conversation recently. 'We feel the opposite. We feel an article's life begins when it's published, and there's a conversation that surrounds it.'


That's a radical departure from the way old media works. If the site performs as advertised, Newsvine will not only deliver the news and remix the news, it will give readers a direct financial stake in seeing that the news is relevant, trustworthy, accurate and fair."

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