October 31, 2005

Secret Bases

After reading this Sunday Times article via Boing Boing about 240-acre secret bases underneath England built to protect rich people from nuclear attacks, I stood up in the middle of work and ran out the door.

I ran and ran, so fast that the businesspeople on Broadway, past the City Hall skyscrapers, accross the Brooklyn Bridge ; I ran and ran, all the way home.

Inside my apartment, I built a gigantic Secret Base in my bedroom. I made couch cushion walls, a pillow floor and a soft blue blanket roof—the kind of hideout I built when I was a kid. I’ve been living in my cozy new home all week.

Inside, there are no newspapers, no student loan bills, no credit cards—none of that invisible stuff that makes you “grown-up.” I’m pretty happy here.

I keep waiting for my little brother to declare war on my Secret Base or for my mom to bring me a sandwich, just like they did when I was small. But nobody ever comes…

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