July 25, 2006

The Great Hardboiled Radio Show List

After finishing my videoblogged interview with pulp fiction lover Paul Malmont, I went looking for hardboiled radio recordings-- chasing the shows that took pulp fiction to the airwaves.

I posed the question over at Rara-Avis, the best hardboiled group on the web. They sent back over twenty responses, but there were four clear favorites.
For your weekend pleasure, I put together a list with links to free recordings of each show, building (at ThePublishingSpot) The Great Hardboiled Radio Show List, Beta:

1- The outrageous, jumbled metaphors and pulpy soundtrack of Pat Novak, For Hire.

2- The impeccable cool of Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator.

3- The cynical insurance P.I. who always gets mixed up in murder, Jeff Regan, Investigator.

4- The violent, dark adventures on Gunsmoke.

list member Dick Lochte mailed in a much longer list, full of great shows to check out...

Richard Diamond, Private Detective was pretty hardboiled. The Third Man: The Lives of Harry Lime, with Orson Welles in adventures that took place before the character was bumped off by his pal, is arguably hardboiled. As are shows with Alan Ladd (Box 13), Bogart and Bacall (Bold Venture), Edward G. Robinson (Big Town), Jeff Chandler (Michael Shayne)."

July 11, 2006

A Hardboiled-er Interview

I'm getting better at this, I promise...

July 10, 2006

A Hardboiled Interview

An experiment straight from The Publishing Spot...